Video & Animation Production

Video Production: We have a professional filming team that can produce high-quality videos for you, showcasing the advantages and features of your products or services. Animation Production: Our animation production team can create lively and interesting animations according to your needs, helping you better convey your message. Editing and Post-Production: Our professional post-production team can turn your raw footages into a complete video, making your video more perfectly.

Web Application Development

Our major profession is developing web applications to fit varies requirements. With years experience on large scale projects and well established technologies, we provided stable, security and expandable application to clients. Our elastic infrastructure give client solid confident on usage burst with thousand of thousand of users access the application like promotion campaign.

Talk to us today to see how we can help you to solve your problems and achieve the goal you didn’t even imagine!

UX Design

We put great effort on the user experience and push it on next level. UX is not just UI but we think deeply on user needs that just brow users mind how great the application is.

‧Analyzes behavior of people.
‧We performs qualitative test to understand problems of users.
‧Visualizes our ideas in a clear form as sketch, diagram or prototype.

  • discuss
  • photo
  • user
  • view
  • data
  • layout

Mobile App Integration

Mobile phones provide great opportunity on enhance the business workflow. We also experienced on creating mobile applications like taking attendance through QR Code scanning, location based services, push notification for client promotions etc. Integrate with our strong server infrastructure, we can provide many possibilities to use cases. We also keep on moving forward on emerging technology in order to provide cutting edge solutions to our customers.

Internet Of Things

To promote the value on using different kinds of physical devices within the inter-networking, our team are also performing the research on Internet Of Things (IoT). We research on the software/hardware using in our daily life, deliver and build the secure data warehouse in cloud service and perform analysis based on customer’s requirement. As a result, we would try discover the possibility for using the IoT research solution to achieve customer’s business need.

We provide camera installation and training services to our clients increasing the security for home, office or retail shop. We also research on smart home integration services to improve living quality, automate daily routine activities as well as monitoring remote condition like temperature and humidity etc. Those services allowing our client to turn on their dehumidifier before humidity going too wet or turn on their air condition 30 minutes before they go home. We are open minded and creative on solving daily problems, talk to us and see how your problems be solved.

Technical Consultation

Based on our technical and business background, we provide technical consultation service to support customers with various background. We understand and determine requirements from ground up and client perspective. Through web and mobile applications, the business needs fulfilled and continuously enhanced by close communication with client.


‧Website design & hosting
‧Mobile app design & launch
‧Online platform management
‧Event / Campaign promotion page
‧Logo & banner design
‧Photo retouch


1) Static Landing Site (HK$6,800+) 2) Basic CMS (HK$13,800+) 3) System development (negotiable)
For company listing and promotion For medium organization For E-commerce
‧ Custom Design (6 pages)

‧ 2 Year Hosting + Domain
A) HK$380/ year
Email System Setup (only for hosted domain)
‧Gmail Interation +50%

B) HK$580+/ month
Graphic Design + Rebranding
‧Website/ Online Platform Banner
‧Logo Design
‧ Mobile Application Integration

‧ Web Application Development
Production time: 3 weeks Production time: 6 weeks